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Sudbury Grammar School Cadet Force 1/3

Catalogue ref: pa914

Category: Education

Period: 1919-1939

Sudbury Grammar School Cadet Force 1/3 | Click image to go back to gallery

The "Lorraine" in which Edward Gerald Chisnall and 20 other army cadets from the school cadet force made a visit to the WWII battlefields of Flanders in August 1928. He wrote a card to his parents in Layham, "Crossing rather rough and many were seasick all over the place but I wasn't." See also pa915 and 916. (The visit was subsequently recorded in "Narrative of the Territorial Army Cadet Battalion Tour in France and Belgium 1st-8th August 1928" published by the Territorial Army and Air Force Association of the County of Warwick. We hold a copy.)


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