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Acton Square

Catalogue ref: pa896

Category: Business and Industry

Period: 1946-c1975

Acton Square | Click image to go back to gallery

The employees of Braybrooke's- the wholesale grocery business which once occupied the south side of the square - now the location of Berry Terrace. This picture dates from the 1950s , before they moved their premises to the site of the former Mauldons Brewery in Ballingdon Street. Henry 'Nobby' Bone owned the business- he is fourth from the left in the front row. From the left: Jock Brand, Ron Peck, Percy Powell, ? Myle, 'Dickie' Bird, Charlie Finch, 'Nick' Nicholls, 'Nobby' Bone, ?? , ?? , Charlie Bowers, 'Bebe' later Downes, Jack French, George Downes, Bob French, Henry Egg, ?? . See image pa897 as well.


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