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North Street School

Catalogue ref: pa890

Category: Education

Period: 1919-1939

North Street School | Click image to go back to gallery

Class 5 in the Girls Voluntary School in about 1919. The writing on the back is an elderly lady's hand ( Winnie Gould in the photo) and difficult to decipher. L to R Back row: Ida Byham, ? , Winnie Gould, Winnie Chaplin, Ethel Dixon, Eva Griggs, Jessie Mitchell and Miss Chilioak Head Mistress. The info on the back then names: Myille (?) Bird, Florrie Rewe(?),Gladys Stearn(?), Marjorie King, May Eady, Doris Heard, Joyce Scott, Maud Sandford. Front row could be: Gladys Marlin (?), Eva Stearns, Marjorie Bean, Dolly Bareham, May Eady and Phillis Panton. Sadly there are fewer names given than children in the photo so it is impossible to link the remaining faces and names.


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