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Constitution Hill

Catalogue ref: pa115

Category: War

Period: 1939-1945

Constitution Hill | Click image to go back to gallery

Royal Observer Corps personnel at their Constitution Hill post. From here they plotted the speed and direction of enemy aircraft coming in over the coast of East Anglia. This structure survived in the garden of 1 Marlborough Drive until 2005. Back row: second from left Percy Leggett, then Dick Rampling in large beret and at far end Percy French in bow tie. Seated row: Harry Underwood at far right, Mr Turner headmaster of North Street School second from right and Harry Lever third from the left. Front row sat on the ground : Cyril Hurr on the right and George Felton in middle of three. Also in the photo but not identified are: C Moule, R Moore, A Everitt, Tom Green, A Turner, W Cattermole, A Pegrum, R Wheeler, A Wilson, Fred Clubb, Fred Smith, L Judge.


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