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Cornard Road

Catalogue ref: pa680

Category: Business and Industry

Period: 1919-1939

Cornard Road | Click image to go back to gallery

We believe that this lime kiln was one of a group owned by Allen and Boggis which stood in the deep chalk pit off the Cornard Road (later the site of a Lucas factory and today (2010) Lucas Drive). A wood fire was started in the stoke hole at the bottom and then alternate layers of chalk and coal were barrowed in at the top. Finally the end product, the lime, was raked out and bagged up for use in the building industry and as an agricultural fertiliser. A railway siding ran underneath Cornard Road, connecting the pit with the Marks Tey to Cambridge line whilst there was another tunnel from this pit under the Newton Road and the Cemetery to emerge in Jordan's pit (Banham Drive).


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