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Church Street

Catalogue ref: pa481

Category: Sport and Leisure

Period: 1919-1939

Church Street | Click image to go back to gallery

A Baptist Church Mother's Meeting outing c 1926/7. They have hired one of Jordan's charabancs for the day - another earlier image in the archive shows this same charabanc with solid tires; it now has pneumatic tires which doubtless gave a more comfortable ride.  Note that nearly everyone wears a hat: given the 12mph speed limit painted on the side it seems unlikely that many would blow off! The hatless lady in the second row of seats with a child on her lap is Mrs Daisy Jeffries of Cross Street. The lady nearest the camera in the row behind is Mrs Frederica Moore of 40 Ballingdon Street and beside her (to her right) Mrs Hume of Ballingdon Street


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