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Friars Street

Catalogue ref: pa480

Category: Sport and Leisure

Period: 1946-c1975

Friars Street | Click image to go back to gallery

The Minister and Deacons of the Sudbury Baptist Church in 1950. Although the church is in Church Street we believe that this photo was taken in the garden of Bentley House in Friars Street (the manse at that time.) Back row L to R: R Arnold Wright (on office staff of Gainsborough Silk Company), Ray Parsons (manager of Walkers/World Stores, now Edinburgh Wool Shop), Luther Chapman (partner in Mattingley's outfitters, now Oxfam), John Pegrum (office staff of P H Jordan Coal Haulage in Station Road) Alfred Heard (owner of Gt Waldingfield P O and Stores.) Front row L to R: Mary Taylor (wife of the artist Archie Taylor who lived in Buzzards Hall), Emmie Parsons (wife of Ray Parsons), Rev. Sydney Gray (Minister 1947-51), Ina Gray (wife of Sydney Gray), Robert Mattingley (owner of the gentleman's outfitters.)


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