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Sudbury Junior School

Catalogue ref: pa33

Category: Education

Period: 1946-c1975

Sudbury Junior School | Click image to go back to gallery

Sudbury Junior School. c1952. The Headmaster, Mr William Turner, is in the centre. He also ran the highly successful youth club in Hardwicke House in Stour Street. The teacher in the back row, extreme right, is Mr Morris who taught music. 
Back row from left:Teacher Edith Hitchcock; Audrey Hollingsworth; Ralph Keeble; June Byham, Alan Golding, John Geddes, ?, Bernard Moulton, Sonia Johnson, Michael Loades, Teacher Mr C Morris
Middle row from left: Tony Gates, Janet Purkiss, Jean Reader, Arnold Daynton, Elizabeth Hill (holding cup won at Clare Music Festival), Geoff Mumford, Doreen Cuthill, Barry Hibble, ? .
Front row from left: Ivan...? , George Beevis, Jean Thomas, Kevin Hickford, Joyce Turkentine, ? , ? .


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