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Newton Road

Catalogue ref: pa77

Category: Utilities and Public Services

Period: 1939-1945

Newton Road | Click image to go back to gallery

The National Fire Service Brigade at Chilton House Fire Station, Newton Road c1943-6. L to R: Albert (Smudger) Smith, Gladys Bowers (nee Heard), ?, Phyllis Turkentine (nee Ruggles), Ivy King (nee Keeble) Jack Herbert, Mr Poole (Station Officer), ?,?, Bertie Race, Ena Blythe, Nobby Clark, Flo Martin, Harold Crysell, Charlie Cadge, Alf Heard and Les Barrett. Note: Harold Crissell 1901-1982: Lived for 60 years at 38 Queens Road. Member of both the local AFS and later the NFS. Attended many plane crashes in the area and the Purfleet oil terminal blaze during the Blitz.)


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