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> 1914-1918



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Photo entitled: Belle Vue

Belle Vue
Ref pa616

Nurses and patients at the Red Cross Hospital...

Photo entitled: Belle Vue

Belle Vue
Ref pa129

Local soldier, Walter Gibbons, in Belle Vue R...

Photo entitled: Brundon Lane

Brundon Lane
Ref pa548

An unknown boy examines the tusk of a mammoth...

Photo entitled: Constitution Hill

Constitution Hill
Ref pa491

Reddells was a family firm of corset makers f...

Photo entitled: East Street

East Street
Ref pa266

Bombed houses in East Street following the ra...

Photo entitled: Egypt

Ref pa696

When war broke out in 1914 Samuel Ambrose was...

Photo entitled: king Street/Market Hill

king Street/Market Hill
Ref pa885

Winch's shop goes up in flames during the Gre...

Photo entitled: Melford Road

Melford Road
Ref pa350

J.S.'Charlie' May.  In March 1916 when he was...

Photo entitled: Melford Road/North Street

Melford Road/North Street
Ref pa249

A traction engine entering North Street in Ju...

Photo entitled: Mill Lane

Mill Lane
Ref pa847

Group II at the Sudbury Council School in Mil...

Photo entitled: Newton Road

Newton Road
Ref pa202

Belle Vue when it was used as Red Cross Hospi...

Photo entitled: Newton Road

Newton Road
Ref pa203

Belle Vue was a Red Cross Hospital during WWI...

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