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> c1870-1914



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Photo entitled: Station Road

Station Road
Ref pa282

Station Road with the railway station in the ...

Photo entitled: Station Road/Friars Street

Station Road/Friars Street
Ref pa278

The ivy-covered arch in Station Road, framing...

Photo entitled: Stour Street

Stour Street
Ref pa19

Hardwick House on the right was at that time ...

Photo entitled: Sudbury Fire Brigade

Sudbury Fire Brigade
Ref pa52

The Fire Brigade and their horse drawn pump o...

Photo entitled: Sudbury United Football Club

Sudbury United Football Club
Ref pa324

Sudbury United Football Club 1906. The Captai...

Photo entitled: The Croft

The Croft
Ref pa221

The Old Bathing Place near The Croft with the...

Photo entitled: The Croft

The Croft
Ref pa329

The oaks were planted to celebrate the corona...

Photo entitled: The meadows/Cross Street

The meadows/Cross Street
Ref pa216

The George V Coronation Pageant on Freemen&rs...

Photo entitled: The meadows/Garden Place

The meadows/Garden Place
Ref pa224

Clover’s Mill and, on the extreme right...

Photo entitled: Walnuttree Lane

Walnuttree Lane
Ref pa62

Clover's Mill c1906. On the right of the ...

Photo entitled: Walnuttree Lane

Walnuttree Lane
Ref pa171

An early view of Isaac Clover's Mill in W...

Photo entitled: Whorlow's Removals

Whorlow's Removals
Ref pa331

The removal side of George Whorlow's busi...