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> 1939-1945



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Photo entitled: Station Avenue

Station Avenue
Ref pa240

Lt. Edward Ewen (pilot) and his aircrew at Su...

Photo entitled: Station Road

Station Road
Ref pa164

Sudbury's postmen outside the Post Office...

Photo entitled: Stour Street

Stour Street
Ref pa919

The town once had a very large number of dair...

Photo entitled: Sudbury Commonlands

Sudbury Commonlands
Ref pa778

We know this US airman from the 486th Bomb Gr...

Photo entitled: Sudbury in 1940

Sudbury in 1940
Ref pa511

This is the second of three images taken by a...

Photo entitled: Sudbury in 1940

Sudbury in 1940
Ref pa510

This is the first of three images taken by a ...

Photo entitled: Sudbury in 1940

Sudbury in 1940
Ref pa512

This is the last of three images taken by a h...

Photo entitled: The Croft

The Croft
Ref pa607

Rego clothing workers gather for a publicity ...

Photo entitled: Town Hall

Town Hall
Ref pa310

The Town Hall seen from Old Market Place on 2...

Photo entitled: US bomber over Sudbury

US bomber over Sudbury
Ref pa1

Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress over Chilton Airf...

Photo entitled: VE-Day

Ref pa971

A VE-Day party - a poor quality image but cer...

Photo entitled: Weavers Lane

Weavers Lane
Ref pa317

Curds Lane (Weavers Lane) seen on 14 October ...