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Humphrey Spender

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Photo entitled: Chilton

Ref pa140

Unknown USAF airman stationed at Chilton Airb...

Photo entitled: Chilton

Ref pa247

The deserted control tower on Chilton Airfiel...

Photo entitled: Chilton

Ref pa267

B24 Liberator bomber after crash landing at S...

Photo entitled: Chilton Fire Station

Chilton Fire Station
Ref pa987

The National Fire Service station in the grou...

Photo entitled: Chilton/Newman's Green

Chilton/Newman's Green
Ref pa243

Ground crew preparing a B-17 for a mission on...

Photo entitled: Chilton/Woodhall

Ref pa246

Wreckage of the B-17 bomber which crashed at ...

Photo entitled: Church Street

Church Street
Ref pa318

The Bull Inn, Church Street, photographed on ...

Photo entitled: Constitution Hill

Constitution Hill
Ref pa115

Royal Observer Corps personnel at their Const...

Photo entitled: Cornard Road

Cornard Road
Ref pa697

The quoits team of the mat making firm of W.T...

Photo entitled: East Street

East Street
Ref pa604

The British Staff who worked at the USAAF Red...

Photo entitled: East Street

East Street
Ref pa661

The American Red Cross Service Club in East H...

Photo entitled: East Street

East Street
Ref pa244

Airmen at the American Red Cross Service Club...