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Mid-20th Century Townscape

Humphrey Spender

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Old Townscape

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Photo entitled: North Street

North Street
Ref pa38

The Green Dragon Hotel in North Street c1965....

Photo entitled: North Street

North Street
Ref pa588

The Masonic Hall in Sudbury, drawn at a time ...

Photo entitled: Old Market Place/East Street

Old Market Place/East Street
Ref pa1076

A poor quality image but still of interest be...

Photo entitled: Old Townscape

Old Townscape
Ref pa727

The first Roman Catholic school in the town w...

Photo entitled: Plant and flower seller

Plant and flower seller
Ref pa1031

We believe that the family name was Lincoln a...

Photo entitled: Pre Industrial Sudbury

Pre Industrial Sudbury
Ref pa736

An idyllic view of the town from across the S...

Photo entitled: Queens Road

Queens Road
Ref pa1042

In the early 20th century the town was expand...

Photo entitled: River Stour - Ladies Bridge

River Stour - Ladies Bridge
Ref pa1025

A pre-WW1 view of the bridge taken looking do...

Photo entitled: St Bartholomew's

St Bartholomew's
Ref pa167

This shows the chapel of the former Benedicti...

Photo entitled: St John's church 1

St John's church 1
Ref pa835

The exterior of the Methodist church taken fr...

Photo entitled: St John's church 2

St John's church 2
Ref pa836

The gas-lit interior of the Methodist church ...

Photo entitled: St John's church 3

St John's church 3
Ref pa837

The interior of the Methodist church looking ...