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Photo entitled: Stour Street  Kentish Lodge

Stour Street Kentish Lodge
Ref pa732

The officers and NCO's of the Sudbury Baptist...

Photo entitled: Sudbury Athletic Football team

Sudbury Athletic Football team
Ref pa868

This photo shows the Sudbury Athletic Footbal...

Photo entitled: Sudbury Hockey Club

Sudbury Hockey Club
Ref pa875

The Sudbury hockey team at some point in the ...

Photo entitled: Sudbury Rotary

Sudbury Rotary
Ref pa926

The Sudbury Rotary Club organised three Olde ...

Photo entitled: Sudbury Rugby

Sudbury Rugby
Ref pa928

Sudbury and Halstead supported a joint rugby ...

Photo entitled: Sudbury Rugby

Sudbury Rugby
Ref pa927

In the 1930s Sudbury and Halstead Rugby Club ...

Photo entitled: Sudbury town band

Sudbury town band
Ref pa219

The Sudbury town band in 1923. George Opensha...

Photo entitled: Sudbury Town Soccer Team 1903-4

Sudbury Town Soccer Team 1903-4
Ref pa908

A number of the players came from well known ...

Photo entitled: Sudbury United Football Club

Sudbury United Football Club
Ref pa324

Sudbury United Football Club 1906. The Captai...

Photo entitled: Sudbury Wanderers Football Club

Sudbury Wanderers Football Club
Ref pa600

This fine image is self explanatory but we ca...

Photo entitled: The 3rd Sudbury Cub Scouts

The 3rd Sudbury Cub Scouts
Ref Tpa1018

A lively image of the boys making Christmas (...

Photo entitled: The Croft

The Croft
Ref pa1008

An atmospheric snowbound scene with a horse a...