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> Mid-20th Century Townscape

Humphrey Spender

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Mid-20th Century Townscape

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Photo entitled: 335 North Street

335 North Street
Ref pa335

Christmas lights and two-way traffic in North...

Photo entitled: 337 Quay Lane

337 Quay Lane
Ref pa337

The photo may date from the time after Harry ...

Photo entitled: Acton Square

Acton Square
Ref pa351

These cottages stood on the southern edge of ...

Photo entitled: Ballingdon

Ref pa108

Boats for hire at Ballingdon Bridge in the 19...

Photo entitled: Ballingdon

Ref pa7

Ballingdon Bridge, Street & Hill seen fro...

Photo entitled: Ballingdon Hall

Ballingdon Hall
Ref pa950

This shows the scene in 1972, just prior to t...

Photo entitled: Ballingdon Hall/Hall Rise

Ballingdon Hall/Hall Rise
Ref pa951

Compare this 2013 picture looking up Hall Ris...

Photo entitled: Belle Vue

Belle Vue
Ref pa127

The old Police Station on what is now the Bel...

Photo entitled: Borehamgate

Ref pa965

The Borehamgate shopping precinct stands on t...

Photo entitled: Burkitts Lane

Burkitts Lane
Ref pa969

A fine view of the town cattle market - some ...

Photo entitled: Burkitts Lane

Burkitts Lane
Ref pa1059

A view of the cattle market in Burkitts Lane ...

Photo entitled: Burkitts Lane

Burkitts Lane
Ref pa94

Houses in Burkitts Lane and the British Volun...

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